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Dress code | La Stella

Dress code

La Stella Cucina Verace maintains a business casual dress code.

In preparing for your dining experience, we ask that you please observe the following:

  • NO workout attire

    This includes running/gym shorts, sports bras, sweatshirts, or yoga/workout pants. Exceptions: Dri-FIT, golf, or otherwise “polo style” shirts with a collar are permitted.

  • NO ostentatious imagery

    This includes screen printed images, and large “in your face” logos, writing, or characters. Garments that are vulgar or sexually explicit are likewise prohibited.

  • NO excessively revealing clothing or exposed undergarments

    This includes any item of clothing that is excessively revealing, especially to one’s bare midriff or cleavage. Exceptions: bustier tops, corset tops, bandeaux tops, or tube tops may be worn with a waist-length jacket.

  • NO offensive odors

    This includes any item of clothing permeated with excessive perfume/cologne, tobacco smoke, or otherwise affected by the use of marijuana.

  • NO bare arms (men)

    This includes men’s tank tops and all men’s sleeveless shirts.

  • NO ball caps or bandanas (with or without logo)

  • NO flip flops, outdoor sandals, or athletic slides

  • NO exceedingly frayed/torn clothing

  • NO shorts of any kind

La Stella Cucina Verace reserves the right to change its Dress Code at any time, and without notice. Please check back with us prior to your visit, or should you require further clarification, feel free to inquire.

La Stella Cucina Verace is an original concept from Tricolore Pride LLC. Located in the Performing Art District of Dallas, La Stella Cucina Verace honors old-world Italian roots, life style, food and décor.

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